APP S - protects artwork by Irene Lopez Leon
APP S - Rijswijk
APP S - Rijksmonument Postgebouw designed in 1939 by rijksbouwmeester GC Bremer
APP S+APP SC - School Slootdorp
APP SC - Because tags are often placed on the same graffiti-prone parts, choose to protect them locally
APP SC - on anodized steel parts
APP S - concrete construction holding up the golden clock on Hoeks Metrostation
APP S - 3D printed concrete bridge
APP S - A school is an easy target for graffiti artists
APP S - Can even preserve Monuments
APP S - Ceramic tiles
APP S - on brickwork



Our BioBased anti-graffiti coating APP S   contributes to a better environment. Now we've taken this one step further; 100 solar panels have been installed on our building's roof. In this way we further reduce our CO₂ emissions during production AND our electric cars can be recharged in-house AND we attribute to a sustainable choice for a cleaner world.



The Slussen of today was built to solve the traffic problems of its time and cars were the focus of the area´s planning in the 1930s. Hundreds of thousands of people pass through Slussen on a daily basis, but few chooses to stop here. Now Slussen is to rebuilt as a place where everyone will be interested in stopping to enjoy the new spaces and facilities.

End of 2020 it was inaugurated  and even though the project was not "APP' s own" it was treated with our product in China by order of Skanska

Read here about the process:

Production in two places

In Shanhaiguan, the panels have been cut and the machine welded. In Zhongshan, the various parts have been mounted: first to 72 sections, then to eight segments that have been painted five times. Finally, the entire 140 meter long and 45 meter wide bridge has been assembled. In the port of Zhongshan, the entire bridge was lifted to two pontoons with the help of two traverse cranes that take 2000 tonnes each.

The pontoons with the bridge were floated onto a submersible ship, a so-called semi-submersible transport ship, which transported the entire bridge over the sea to Stockholm. The method of loading and unloading by lowering the vessel itself has been developed for the offshore industry's need to transport large oil platforms. It makes it possible to handle very large loads. Building and transporting the bridge in one piece offers several advantages. You do not have to reload the bridge to a launch barge in Stockholm, and the quality becomes higher when the jointing of the different parts can be done under optimal conditions protected in a workshop.




Welcome to the virtual trade mission Olympic Games Paris 2024. The mission facilitates Dutch and French companies active in the sectors sustainable construction, sports infrastructure and environmental technology in gaining market information and new business contacts leading up to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. We invite you to register yourself on this platform to participate in the different sessions and engage in one-on-one video conversations with potential business partners. 

See how easy graffiti can be taken off a protected surface at minute 1:46 of the YouTube


Liceu, the Opera of Barcelona, is one of the most beautiful projects that is protected with our BioBased #antigraffiti and dirt protector APP S. The facade of the Liceu on the Rambla can thus easily be cleared of unwanted pollution without affecting the structure of the building! Just with hot water!

new Slussen Stockholm 

On behalf of the City of StockholmSKANSKA is building this bridge designed by Foster + Partners
Earlier APP went to the Chinese manufacturer CRSBG that could manufacture and deliver the bridge in one piece within the time frame and with the quality that the City of Stockholm demanded. After the golden paint was applied, two layers of our APP SC were applied on top of this paint, to protect it during it's journey over see from China to Stockholm. Our APP SC is currently being removed in places where the paint has been damaged during transport. Once the paint has been repaired, a new layer of APP SC is applied to protect the bridge from dirt, deposits and graffiti. In this way it remains protected and therefore beautiful, as intended by the designers. 

We've moved - the contract has been signed - bags are packed

Over the last few years we -APP All Remove - APP All Protect - GevelMeesters- have grown so fast that we started looking for a bigger building. On the picture here you can see the signature for the purchase of this property! To be continued!

Visit us at Smart city expo in Barcelona

Come and see us at the Netherlands Pavilion and let us explain about the fact that around the world, contractors develop beautiful buildings that, after completion, are sometimes difficult to keep clean; free of moisture, dirt and graffiti. That is where APP comes in!! APP has various types of impregnation that can be used to protect all kinds of building materials, such as concrete, natural stone and brick, against all kinds of contaminants. APP develops and produces impregnations and coatings to protect the built environment.

For over 25 years GevelMeesters is active in the  cleaning, protection and maintenance of horizontal and vertical construction surfaces. In this way they also help Winkelcentrum (shopping mall) de Heuvel in Eindhoven keeping their surfaces clean from unwanted pollution. This is achieved only with products that do not unnecesarirly strain the environment.

APP in china

For instruction on the use of APP SC (clear version of APP S) we went to a large steel plant in mainland China. Led by our project manager Hans the paint group of the factory treated the surface of some steel samples of the bridge project with our APP SC. Day one; one layer of APP SC is applied, day 2 the second layer was sprayed onto the surface. The third and fourth day graffiti was applied, removed and a new layer of APP SC installed!


What a beautiful project of our California branch!!! After the store owner repainted the building and covered the old graffiti he hired an artist out of New York to paint the California Mural which was completed earlier this month. We coated the mural with the APP sacrificial coating on Tuesday. It was then tagged on Wednesday night and we shot the video of us removing the tag with just hot water. Now numerous people stop by and comment on the mural or just to have their picture taken with the mural as a back drop. #Near816MateoSt #CalifornialoveLA


Mooi artikel in ArchitectenPunt Jaargang: 3, Editie: 5 over het behalen van het DuboKeur en BioBased certificaat en de bijbehorende milieubeoordeling van onze semi-permanente anti graffiti coating. 

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Klik op het logo van Vereniging ION, dan opent een PDF met het artikel MET ZETMEEL GRAFFITI TE LIJF in Oppervlaktetechnieken van december 2016. In dit artikel wordt onze semi permanente anti graffiti coating APP S besproken. Oppervlaktetechnieken is een uitgave van Vereniging ION.

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