the app protective systems for building surfaces

APP systems provide a cost-effective way to keep all infrastructure and building surfaces clean. In addition, our products are not harmful to the environment, they save water and are harmless to people and animals

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APP S 100 % BioBased, sacrificial anti graffiti coating

APP S is  semi permanent coating that protects against graffiti and aerial pollution as diesel particles and soot, especially designed for the protection of vertical construction surfaces. APP S can be used on practically all porous and absorbent surfaces. In case of treating non porous surfaces a primer may be needed. APP S is a mixture of various natural poly-saccharides and water with high viscosity. It is BioBased and consequently not harmful for humans, animals or the environment. APP S is applied to vertical surfaces using an airless spray unit. Once dry it forms an ultra-thin protective layer that in most cases is invisible to the human eye, and leaves the surface damp-open. APP S surface protection is a worldwide patented technology that can best be applied by specially trained staff. 

APP HD permanent anti graffiti impregnation for mineral surfaces

APP HD is a water-based solution for the protection of vertical surfaces from graffiti and pollution ingress, that leaves the surface vapour permeable. APP HD can be used on or the always innovative architectural materials in construction as concrete, polished concrete, natural stone, bricks and other porous masonry surfaces > if it can absorb moisture it can be treated with APP HD

APP HD invisible protection sets right under the surface and reduces the surface tension. It penetrates the porous surface providing an invisible hydrophobic and oleophobic layer. In this way the construction surface preserves the appearance as intended by the architect. Substances with a higher surface tension such as graffiti, water, dirt and oil will not be able to adhere well to the surface and can therefore be removed more easily. This function on porous surfaces makes APP HD especially suitable for anti graffiti purposes.  

APP HD H hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnation for horizontal porous surfaces

APP HD H Water-based and low VOC impregnating system forms a microscopic thin layer right under the surface that makes floors hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) and protects against the build up of dirt. This product is meant for HORIZONTAL surface treatment. In this way the construction surface preserves the appearance as intended by the architect and stays vapour permeable. 
APP HD H can be used on many mineral surfaces as natural stone, marble, concrete and brick

APP HD H is a non-sacrificial surface treatment system that reduces the surface tension. General contaminants as grease, oil and paint, including chewing gum, can be easier removed. It makes floors easy-to-clean.