app hd - permanent anti graffiti impregnation for mineral surfaces

APP HD is a water-based solution for the protection of vertical surfaces from graffiti and pollution, that leaves the surface vapour permeable. APP HD can be used on vertical construction surfaces as concrete, polished concrete, natural stone, bricks and other porous and masonry surfaces. If a surface can absorb moisture, it can be treated with APP HD

This invisible protection sets right under the surface and reduces the surface tension and provides an invisible hydrophobic and oleophobic layer. In this way the construction surface preserves the appearance as intended by the architect. 

Substances with a higher surface tension such as graffiti, water, dirt and oil will not be able to adhere well to the surface and can therefore be removed more easily. This function on porous surfaces makes APP HD especially suitable for anti graffiti purposes. 



Graffiti on surfaces treated with APP HD can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and 60°C hot water pressure. 

We advise biodegradable cleaners as GR628, GR210, GR220 or GR9000.

For the removal of graffiti a standard high pressure washer with a 45º angle flat spray tip can be used. To avoid damage to the surface, spray power should not exceed 65 bar and 10cm of distance. 

advantages of app hd

  • One time application only - lower application costs
  • Less product needed
  • Shorter service time and lower -costs
  • No optical change
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Long service life
  • Repeated graffiti removal after one application with biodegradable cleaners
  • Protects against UV rays