app hd h - hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnation for horizontal porous surfaces

Water-based and low VOC impregnating system

APP HD H forms a microscopic thin layer right under the surface that repels water and dirt. This product is meant for HORIZONTAL surface treatment. In this way the construction surface preserves the appearance as intended by the architect and stays vapour permeable. APP HD H can be used on many mineral surfaces as natural stone, marble, concrete and brick. 

APP HD H is a non-sacrificial surface treatment system that reduces the surface tension. General contaminants as grease, oil and paint, including chewing gum, can be easier removed. It makes floors easy-to-clean.


APP HD H is environmentally friendly, waterbased and low VOC.
It transforms porous surface into water and oil repellent super surfaces, with non-stick properties that prevents even chewing gum from sticking to it. 
For the best result we advise to regularly treat surfaces with high mechanical wear or frequent cleaning with APP Replenisher. 

advantages of app hd h

  • Colourless - invisible
  • One application only - lower application costs
  • Shorter service time and lower -costs
  • No optical change
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Long service life