app s - 100% biobased **
Semi permant anti graffiti coating 

APP S protects surfaces against graffiti and other aerial pollution as diesel particles and soot. It is especially designed for the protection of vertical construction surfaces, and can be used on practically all porous and absorbent surfaces. For non porous surfaces a primer may be needed.

APP S is a mixture of various natural poly saccharides and water with high viscosity. it is BioBased and consequently not harmful for humans, animals or the environment. 

APP S is applied to vertical surfaces using an airless spray unit. Once dry it forms an ultra thin protective layer that in most cases is invisible to the human eye, and leaves the surface damp-open. APP S surface protection is a worldwide patented technology that can best be applied by specially trained staff. 

**  Test for Ready Biodegradability of Products shows that the threshold of "ready biodegradability" of ≥ 60 % was met within the test solutions. The meanvalue of 66 % is higher than the pass value of the OECD Guideline 301B. Thus the test item “BioBased anti graffiti coating APP S” can be termed "readily biodegradable”. Accordingto the results of the toxicity control, a toxic effect towards microorganisms at the concentration tested can be excluded. Test results on demand.

Graffiti on a surface protected with APP S can be removed with water only, without using any chemicals.

  • First activate the APP S with hot water  at low pressure during 5 minutes. 
  • The APP S can now be removed together with the graffiti on top of it, using a 45° flat nozzle. The graffiti will now be easily removable. 
  • A new layer of the APP S system will again offer complete protection against graffiti. 

Tools and machines can be cleaned with hot water. When in constant use, the airless unit should be rinsed once a week. 

AdvantageS of app s

  • Graffiti and other pollution can be removed quickly and completely
  • No need for aggressive chemicals to effectively remove 100% of the graffiti, just hot water
  • No more residual graffiti
  • Remove graffiti without damage to the surface, no abrasion, no need to paint over the graffiti causing an ever increasing layer build-up
  • High aggressive solutions, pressure cleaning or sandblasting will no longer damage surfaces
  • Fast removal of the graffiti has demotivating effect on the graffiti "artists"
  • Affordable graffiti control
  • After cleaning the surface, a new coat of APP S will protect it again against new pollution