app - carbon footprint

Our products are produced in-house by our sister company APP All Protect, from ISO 14001 certified materials in a CO2 neutral production plant. We have achieved carbon neutrality through the use of own solar panel roofing which provides us with all the electricity for lighting, heating and mechanical operation inside the plant. In addition, we charge our 100% electric cars at the plant, insuring that our commuter travelling is CO2 neutral as well. Any additional electricity needs are met by a certified green energy supplier.

APP is Carbon Neutral

technical evolution will never stop

Our goal is to develop innovative products that can protect the ever-evolving construction materials against soot, graffiti and environmental pollution.
APP All Protect, our Research & Development department does research, product and process development and provides technical support to our customers. To do so in the best and most effective way we are assisted and supplemented by national and international universities and research institutions on the specific area of surface protection.

In this way we are well organized and able to offer effective and customer oriented research and advice. Specific product properties for one particular project or an entire new product or process can be tested extensively to come to a well balanced and optimum product, functioning as intended. 

app is customer focused

Production is on demand - in this way our customers may store a minimum of product in their warehouse. Control and registration of every batch before it leaves our facility and constant optimization of the production process guarantees our production and that makes APP a proactive business. 

R&D, development, production. Everything in-house.

Our project team has many years of experience and expertise in training executive staff of new partners all over the world. With this extra service we make sure our foreign clients know exactly how to use our products AND we strengthen the relation with our agents and distributors, but also with their customers. Product demonstrations, training and project management by our  experienced team offers new customers, on location abroad, the possibility to quickly set up an effective and profitable organization.