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Contractors around the world create beautiful structures. The problem that arises after delivery is to keep them clean, free of penetrating liquids or graffiti!

That is where APP comes in!
We develop and produce functional coatings that protect the built environment. Architects demand that their creations are delivered CLEAN. But how to achieve that when there is always oil, chewing gum, urine, water, exhaust gases, graffiti and soot nearby. 

APP creates impregnations that can be used to protect most kind of building materials against these pollutions. Our in-house developed products do not change the visual or physical properties of the ever-innovative building materials.

Our impregnation for horizontal surfaces transforms porous substrates into ultra hydrophobic and oleophobic supersurfaces that repel water, oil based contaminants and other stains. It is environmentally friendly, water based and zero-VOC. The surface is protected and without change; it is completely invisible.

Our semi permanent anti graffiti system provides an efficient and weather resistant protection against graffiti. A mix of 100% natural polysaccharides and water. After drying it forms an extremely thin protective film and leaves the surface completely vapour permeable. Graffiti is easily removed without the use of any harsh products; just hot water!

Our coatings protect various commercial, civil engineering and infrastructure projects, but art and heritage against graffiti, oil, chewing gum, urine, exhaust fumes and soot.

In this way we offer a solution for the cleaning and keeping clean various architectural surfaces. Our protective systems are suitable  for the ever-innovative materials used in construction, production facilities, architectural buildings, food industry, retail and automotive production and communication industry. 

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